TRW charge significantly less than other firms of accountants. We have even found that in some cases our hourly rates are less than unqualified firms. We charge a maximum of £120 plus vat per hour. This rate is for an experienced Chartered Certified Accountant with over twenty years post qualification experience.

See how that compares with your city clerk who maybe is not even qualified.

TRW seek to deliver a high quality of service, backed up with the latest technological wizardry, at less cost than our competitors.


Is your accountant qualified?

The word “solicitor” is protected in law but did you know that “accountant” is not? In public practice look out for the word “Chartered” meaning that the firm’s governing body has a Royal Charter i.e. seal of approval. If “Chartered” is not indicated on the firm’s letterhead or on their website then they are probably not qualified.

Qualified accountants must have professional indemnity insurance under the terms of their chartered professional body membership. Unqualified accountants may not be insured.